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Audition Form

Musica Sacra Chamber Chorale

(Please bring this form with you to the audition)

Date ___________________________

Name _______________________________________________________

Street Address ____________________________________

City  State  Zip ______________________________________________

Email __________________________  Alt. Email ___________________

Home phone ___________________  Alt. Phone ___________________

Voice category _______________ 1st___  2nd ____

Choral/Vocal Experience _______________________________________


Foreign language singing experience ______________________________


Piano skills:    A lot___  Some___  None ___ 

I do___  I do not___  have regular access to a rehearsal keyboard.

Other professional expertise that may be of interest to the Chorale _______


Your occupation _____________________________________________

How did you hear about the Chorale? ______________________________


The Chorale relies on all its members to contribute their energy to help the organization succeed.  Please indicate the volunteer area in which you could help:

______Assist with recruiting members

______Assist with piano accompaniment at sectional rehearsals

______Assist the librarian with music collection, marking, filing etc.

______Help with fundraising activities

______Assist with website developing

______Assist with graphic design

______Assist with recruiting ushers and ticket sellers

______Help with distributing posters and publicity

______Help with set up and break down at concerts

_____Other(please specify)_________________________________________


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